Tickets for the journey on the trains of Koleje Małopolskie (KMŁ) can be purchased:

  • At the ticket office of the company "Koleje Małopolskie"

    At the station:

    • Kraków Główny (the ticket office is located on the mezzanine floor, under platform V, at the exit from the mezzanine towards Bosacka Street and Małopolski Bus Station)

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    Opening hours: daily 7:15 am - 4:15 pm

    Payment for tickets is possible both in cash and by card.

  • At the ticket offices of the company "POLREGIO" S.A.

    At the stations:

    • Kraków Główny (the closest location - in the subway on Basztowa / Lubicz / Pawia)

    • Bochnia, Nowy Sącz, Sędziszów, Tarnów, Krzeszowice – agency ticket offices at the station marked with a pictogram (information on ticket sale for the trains of Koleje Małopolskie) in a presale up to 30 days in advance - on the terms specified in Regulations of transport (RPO-KMŁ).

  • At the ticket offices of the company "PKP Intercity" S.A.

    The nearest ticket offices are located at the following stations:

    • Kraków Główny

    • Kraków Płaszów

    • Tarnów

    • Bochnia

    • Zakopane

  • In the iMKA application and in stationary ticket machines of Małopolska Agglomeration Card (MKA)

    In locations:

    • Kraków Główny (4 ticket machines at the station)

    • Kraków Lotnisko/Airport (at the airport terminal and on the platform)

    • Wieliczka Rynek Kopalnia, Wieliczka Park (on the platform)

    In a presale up to 30 days in advance - on the terms specified in Regulations of transport (RPO – KMŁ).

  • Using the BILKOM system

  • Using the E-PODRÓŻNIK BILETY system

    On terms and conditions specified in the Regulations for online sale of tickets via E-PODRÓŻNIK system.

  • Using the mPay system

  • From the train personnel

    Only for departure on the day of purchase

  • At the ticket offices of other carriers

    Other carriers:

    • PKP SKM

    • Koleje Wielkopolskie

    • Koleje Śląskie

    • Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna

    • Arriva RP

    • Koleje Mazowieckie

  • Using the KOLEO system

  • Using the SkyCash system